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noosa_Story_WhatsYourFlavorMobile what’s your flavor?

newest noosa

strawberry fruit smoothie

Asset 1

sips of sweet strawberry

strawberry banana fruit smoothie

Asset 1

go strawberry-bananas

mixed berry fruit smoothie

Asset 1

the berry best

mango fruit smoothie

Asset 1



mixed berry greek

Asset 1

no mixed feelings. just mixed berries.

blueberry greek

Asset 1

go wild with wild blueberries.

plain greek

Asset 1

just plain tasty

vanilla bean greek

Asset 1

beans above the rest.

peach greek

Asset 1

peaches in creamy yoghurt.

strawberry greek

Asset 1

super strawberries


key lime blended

Asset 1

the lime of your life

mixed berry blended

Asset 1

mind blending flavor

raspberry blended

Asset 1

razzle dazzle

vanilla bean blended

Asset 1


strawberry blended

Asset 1

the pick of the patch

lil tubs

blueberry lil tub

Asset 1

i’m a blue ribbon winner!

coconut lil tub

Asset 1

i’m a little coco-nutty!

lemon lil tub

Asset 1

i’m the zest!

salted caramel lil tub

Asset 1

small, but mighty yummy!

strawberry lil tub

Asset 1

i’m berry yummy!

peach lil tub

Asset 1

a real peach

noosa mates

cookies & cream

Asset 1

take a dip with me.

lemon shortbread

Asset 1

i’m zested to impress.

classic cultures


Asset 1

i'm the pick of the crop!


Asset 1

i’ll drive you coco loco.

key lime

Asset 1

i’m having the lime of my life.


Asset 1

it takes two to mango.