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Does noosa offer tours?

we’re thrilled that you’ve discovered and are a fan of noosa! although this is something we are looking into and hope to do in the future, unfortunately at this time we do not offer tours.

however, Morning Fresh Dairy, shares the noosa property and is offering tours of their facility you can set up tours through their website. https://www.morningfreshdairy.com/tours-and-events/farm-tours.htm

What makes noosa yoghurt special?

We make our yoghurt in small batches so we can use ingredients with BIG taste – farm-fresh whole milk, sweet honey, and purée made with real fruit. That sweet-meets-tart flavor and thick, velvety texture is what puts our yoghurt into a whole new category of yum.

How to open noosa yoghurt

Why do you spell yoghurt with an "h"?

We spell yoghurt as the Aussies do! But don’t worry, whe whon’t gho addhing h’s where they dhon’t belhong.

Where can I get a coupon?

Feel free to sign up for our fan club to stay up to date on all things noosa and receive occasional offers!

Are there any plans to make a plain flavor?

Absolutely! We recently launched plain noosa in our new 24oz size and are working hard to get it into a store near you. If no stores near you are carrying plain, you can try putting in a direct request with the dairy or store manager at your fave grocery store to start stocking plain noosa for you to enjoy. You can print off a form here.

Can you please make a smaller container?

wish granted! We’re happy to let you know we now have several flavors available in our new 4.5oz size! Our product locator might help you find them near you: https://noosayoghurt.com/find-noosa/

Where is the best by date located?

our best by dates are printed on the side of the lid for our 5.8oz, 7oz, 8oz and 24oz tubs, and on the bottom of the cup for our 4oz and 4.5oz tubs.

Is the noosa yoghurt packaging recyclable?

Check with your local recycling center to see if it accepts #5 plastic in its recycling program. We’ve also had heaps of fans tell us they use their noosa containers in lieu of storage containers to store all kinds of things – from leftovers in the fridge to random nuts and bolts in their garage.

Can you make a larger container?

We have both 8oz and 24oz sizes available. Adding another size option to our lineup is something we are definitely considering and hope to offer in the future.

How do you prevent cross-contamination?

We have taken extensive steps to reduce the risk of allergen cross-contamination or cross-contact from the introduction of these new flavors. The products containing the allergenic foods will arrive to the plant in airtight, sealed containers and remain that way while in our facility. Our facility is designed and managed to reduce the risk of allergenic protein from transferring from one part of the facility to another.

Unfortunately, we can’t eliminate risk entirely, but we have invested a lot of time and effort to analyze our facility and put controls in place to minimize the risk of cross contamination from occurring. We go above and beyond to ensure safe products for our consumers. We undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitation process between the production of each flavor to prevent allergen cross-contamination or cross-contact in our allergen-free flavors. We will also be conducting testing for the presence of any gluten or allergens to ensure product safety. Please let us know if you have any questions!

our ingredients
Is noosa made with whole milk?

Yes! noosa is made with fresh Grade A Whole Milk.

Is the honey used in noosa pasteurized?

No, the honey we use in our yoghurt is not pasteurized. Please consult with your pediatrician before giving noosa to children under 12 months of age.

Why do you add Kosher Gelatin to your yoghurt?

We want each experience with our yoghurt to hit the mark, and the addition of Kosher Gelatin ensures a consistently luscious product texture with every bite.

What is the source of your Kosher Gelatin?

The Kosher Gelatin we use is a bovine gelatin. Regretfully, we understand that our product may not be acceptable to vegetarian consumers because of this.

nutrition info
What are the benefits of noosa yoghurt?

noosa yoghurt is made with milk from happy cows never treated with rBGH. Our delicious purées are built on a foundation of real fruit, pureed to luscious perfection. noosa yoghurt is a great source of calcium and protein, and contains live, active cultures, and probiotics (often called good bacteria). Probiotics are living organisms that help maintain balance in your digestive tract, boost your immune system and replenish the other good bacteria in your body.

Is noosa yoghurt gluten free?

All of our yoghurts, with the exception of the salted caramel chocolate, cookies & cream and lemon tart, are certified gluten free.

Are there any nuts in your yoghurts?

our noosa mates flavors that contain these allergens will be clearly marked as required by the food and drug administration so that you can clearly tell what allergens are there. our mates flavors that contain nuts are: banana chocolate peanut, coconut almond chocolate, coffee chocolate almond, lemon tart and salted caramel chocolate.

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