Learn about how noosa yoghurt is made

how it’s made voila! yoghurt!
it all starts with the freshest

whole milk.

the journey from farm to fridge starts with the most important ingredient: our whole milk. and we’re kinda fussy about it. that’s why noosa is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality whole milk from cows never treated with rBGH. noosa was co-founded by a fourth-generation dairy farmer so we know good milk when we taste it. and we think it makes the best foundation for our delicious velvety yoghurts.

then we add a

touch of honey.

while milk might be the foundation of our yoghurt, every batch of noosa is infused with a touch of wildflower honey for a unique, lightly sweetened, totally awesome taste.

and finally a lot of fresh fruit.

noosa wouldn’t be noosa without our distinct flavors. we work with our partners around the country to ensure we get the cream of the crop when it comes to fruit. only selecting the ripest and most flavorful.

fruit fact

45 wild blueberries go into every 8 oz. tub of our blueberry yoghurt.

that's the magic of noosa.

turning all these delicious ingredients into noosa is half art, half food science and half magic (yes that’s three halves, but magic is a little hard to quantify). but don’t take our word for it, pick up a tub, grab a spoon and try it for yourself. because in this case of noosa, tasting is believing.

noosa finest yoghurt