Lemon Cream “Pie” Yogurt Tub

Date: November 13, 2021

Prep: 30 Minutes
Serves: 6


1 noosa lemon yoghurt
Whipped topping
8-10 Graham crackers/wafers, crushed
Fresh lemon garnish
3 tbsp butter, melted
1 1/2 tsp powdered gelatin
1/4 cup water
Grated zest of 1 lemon
3/4 cup lemon juice


  1. Combine graham crackers with melted butter
  2. Press into noosa tub, making sure to go up the sides of the tub
  3. In a small bowl, combine water and gelatin, let sit 5 minutes
  4. Bring lemon juice and lemon zest to a boil on the stove, mix in gelatin mixture
  5. Allow to cool slightly.
  6. Mix in yogurt until fully combined
  7. Fill yoghurt tub with lemon filling and chill in refrigerator about 4 hours, until solid
  8. Cover with dollops of whipped topping and enjoy