noosa yoghurt's values

clean water in.

clean water out.

of course making yoghurt takes a lot of milk. but did you know it also takes water? water for washing and cleaning the equipment that we use. that's why we built our very own state-of-the-art water treatment plant and use more than half of the reclaimed water on the farm.


while completely avoiding GMOs when feeding our cows is a difficult task, our farms always do their best but they can’t guarantee all the feed is non-GMO.

we're thinking

outside the

cardboard box.

WOW Taste, Less Waste.

lil’ tubs New Plastic-Free lids

noosa has replaced our Lil Tubs’ plastic lids with easy-peel-off tops. this seemingly “lil” change saves a whopping 70 tons of plastic per year from going into landfills. it’s our way of protecting the planet and the farm-fresh ingredients that make up noosa’s yoghurts.


giving back to the Colorado community is extremely important to noosa. this year, noosa is donating 3,000 peach trees to Talbott Farms located in Palisade, CO. in 2020 Talbott Farms, like so many agricultural businesses, was affected by the abnormally late frost season, decreasing their overall crop yield. noosa’s donation of 3,000 trees will help make their 2021 season burst with flavor!